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Examples of Roof Border Design Corners

To create an elegant and timeless living room, consider a border ceiling corner design. A cornice is the meeting point between the ceiling and the wall, but many people overlook it as a design element. A POP border can accentuate this important architectural detail and work wonders in a living room. Below are some examples of roof border design corner corners. You can also find similar examples in Indian homes. Intricate ornamentation on the walls and ceiling of an Indian home adds an exquisite look to any living space.

Gothic cresting is a design that is common on roof tops and ridges. This design is typically a perforated work with a varied mass shape. A simple white border can be a stylish, contrasting accent to the otherwise plain terracotta roof tiles. There are numerous designs available for this architectural detail, so you can pick a style that will complement your home’s interior style. If you don’t want to use terracotta roof tiles, you can try a concrete-based roof structure. This material is malleable and can be designed into various shapes, including a large box with compartments or a glass-covered room.