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Home Exterior Design Ideas

When considering home exterior design ideas, make sure to consider durability and aesthetics, but don’t forget to make the exterior reflect your individual tastes. Country homes often feature cedar shingles and tumbled stone, while modern minimalists may opt for sleek steel and simple wood panels. If you aren’t familiar with home exterior design ideas, consult a professional designer or create a virtual home design ideabook on Houzz. Then, take notes about what you think would look best on your home and what elements would complement them.

The variety of exterior home design options can make it difficult to decide what style and color to use. A professional home exterior design company can simplify the process, providing you with detailed renderings of your potential curb appeal and a comprehensive resource list. You can also opt for a DIY project and save money by doing some of the work yourself. Some companies, such as brick&batten, offer home exterior design guides or computer programs for homeowners to choose from.

Colours are also an essential part of a home’s exterior design. You can use bold or neutral shades to create a timeless and sophisticated look. Different shades will also hide or draw attention to different features. For instance, a house with a brick-paved walkway and a red brick façade will look more sophisticated when the front door is highlighted by a blue portico. To add a unique touch to your home exterior design, consider adding beautiful landscaping to the front yard.

Exterior design is just as important as the interior. It’s what the public sees first. A poorly maintained home will discourage people from approaching, so it’s important to make the outside of the home look nice, as well. A good exterior design will also increase the overall curb appeal of a home. In addition to boosting curb appeal, home exterior designs can add to the overall comfort of a home. The most common home improvement is repainting the exterior, and you can even alter the roof structure and landscaping the front yard. Be sure to do it in keeping with the current style of your house.

While most people associate shingles with cottages, this type of siding can also add a unique look to your home. For example, natural fieldstone near your home is perfectly complemented by Flagstone gray textured shingles. These shingles also add to the appearance of the home’s exterior and make it look more organic. If you don’t have a porch, you can use uneven shingles on the front of your home to emphasize its uniqueness.

If you want your home to look more spacious, you can make it have an outdoor living room. The porch skirting and patio additions add an inviting ambiance for guests. And don’t forget about the retaining wall, which sets off the patio. You’ll be able to use the porch for more activities than just chatting with friends. You can also consider adding a modern front door to your home. And don’t forget to update your front door, windows, and landscaping.