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Choosing a Bathroom Organiser Rack

An organiser rack for your bathroom provides the ideal way to keep towels, washcloths and other linens organized and prevent mildew and mould build-up. It can even help prevent mildew buildup!

Use this slim cabinet to organize all of the loose items on your counter that make it appear disorganized. Heavier products like soap can go at the bottom, while lighter items such as cotton balls may go higher up in this storage solution.

Narrow Wooden Shelving Units

If your bathroom lacks adequate storage space and items keep falling off of sinks or cabinets, installing shelves may provide essentials and decor storage solutions that fit perfectly into any home’s aesthetic. From single statement shelves to built-in cabinets, there’s sure to be one suitable.

Install an over-the-toilet shelf for modern style to increase storage without taking up wall space. PBteen offers rustic beauty as a linen closet and offers enough room for spare towels or pretty bath bombs.

Add warmth and coziness to any guest bathroom by hanging a reclaimed wood shelf from a ladder over your bathtub, providing towels, baskets for supplies or decor, and much more on this practical shelf.

Find a way to organize products in an alcove above your sink by installing a recessed shelving unit that blends seamlessly into walls and floor, like this example from Kate Marker Interiors. Make sure the material matches up perfectly with vanity or fixtures for an unobtrusive appearance.

Trolleys on Casters

Bathroom storage trolleys provide versatile and space-efficient ways to organise bathroom essentials, like towels, toiletries, cleaning products and more. Choose models with multiple shelves or compartments to hold a variety of items while choosing one with wheels or casters allows for easy mobility around the bathroom.

Select a model featuring a swivel head brake to provide extra stability, as well as user-friendly directional latch to avoid accidental locking during use. Choose durable and corrosion-resistant material such as metal for optimal results.

There’s an expansive selection of bathroom storage trolleys to suit every decor and style preference, available from home goods stores, furniture stores, and online retailers alike. Read customer reviews to gain insight into durability, functionality, and overall satisfaction of various storage options; be sure to look for sturdy frames and materials, ideally with collapsible legs so as to save on space for storage purposes; consider compact trolleys that fold away for easier storage solutions too.

Wall-Mounted Shelving Units

Placing extra shelving in your bathroom is an effective and straightforward way to maintain an orderly and tranquil space. Discover brand-new or vintage shelving made of various materials and styles – like this brown bamboo shelf from HOMFA with its traditional design elegance, high-grade material and easy installation process.

Organize toiletries and bath products with an attractive bathroom organizer rack designed for small spaces or easily moveable around. A mirrored medicine cabinet with built-in shelves provides convenient organization, while mobile storage options such as gilded bar carts can offer mobile storage ideal for shared bathrooms.

Over-the-toilet shelves are an effective way to utilize vacant wall space in a cramped bathroom, and this three-tier rack from SplashSoup makes use of every inch. Boasting rustic charm and being portable enough for easy portability throughout any bathroom environment.


Cabinets are an effective way of increasing storage in any bathroom, offering a range of sizes and styles. No matter the decor of your space, cabinets offer versatile solutions that fit seamlessly. Baskets and bins provide stylish storage solutions for towels, bath products, cosmetics or cleaning supplies; Wicker baskets make a good natural look choice when selecting this solution for this task.

Wall cabinets offer another storage option, offering shelves and doors, along with optional mirrors on their doors, making them an attractive alternative to traditional medicine cabinets. Corner cabinets fit neatly into angled corners of your bathroom without taking up much floor area – they can even fit nicely in corners themselves! Cabinets may be made from solid wood, MDF (medium density fibreboard) or particle board material – although MDF may be less resistant to humidity or moisture than plywood with its water-resistant finish.