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Finding Pet-Friendly Homes

Finding a place to live can be stressful enough, so pet-friendly homes are in high demand.

Make sure your neighborhood features parks and access to open wilderness so your pet has access to regular exercise, helping reduce destructive behaviors like chewing and scratching. And lock all cupboards so they cannot get to cleaning products, pesticides or any other chemicals which might poison them.


No matter if you live in a house or an apartment, when searching for the ideal home for your pet it is important to consider their needs when making decisions. Most apartment buildings have stringent rules regarding pet acceptance; some even prohibit all forms of animals altogether while others allow certain numbers and types. Some buildings even charge an additional monthly pet deposit fee or require that deposits are placed with them as security deposits or additional monthly fees are collected for pets living there.

Pet-owners may find finding an apartment difficult, but many developers and landlords have taken steps to meet the demands of pet-owning residents. One such waterfront property in Long Island City will feature an indoor pet playroom, grooming salon and pet-washing station as part of its amenity package at Waterline Square.

Garden apartments, which are situated on the ground floor and offer direct access to a garden or backyard, are another type of apartment. However, these units can be more vulnerable to pests and rodents than higher-up units.


Cabin retreats provide the ideal getaway for vacationers seeking rustic charm. Offering solitude yet being close to activities like hiking trails, fishing holes and more – these charming accommodations allow travelers to get in touch with nature.

Relax by the fireside or play games in the game room; cabins offer the ideal home away from home for your next vacation, whether lakeside abodes or mountain-view accommodations are on your mind. These pet friendly accommodations promise unforgettable scenery for an unforgettable stay!

Experience the Smokies for yourself with this exquisite cabin offering plenty of room for everyone (including your furry companions!). Just steps from Dollywood and other Pigeon Forge attractions, it offers the ideal opportunity for family memories with pets! Complete with chef’s kitchen, spa bath and private dock for lake-centric activities.


Houses provide more space than apartments, making them an excellent option for pet owners with yards. When renting from either an individual landlord or community of houses, make sure to inquire beforehand about pet-friendly policies and fees.

Example: A dog that barks, sprays indoors or chews up furniture could damage other tenants and the reputation of the property as a place to live. Cat litter boxes can leave an unpleasant odor that might deter potential tenants or even scare away current ones once they move in.

Your rental can become more attractive to pets and other residents by adding safety features. A mudroom equipped with cat/dog doors and durable flooring materials such as porcelain tile or Crypton Super Fabric flooring helps quickly wipe away accidents while eliminating unpleasant odors.


Pet-Allowed and Pet-Friendly are two words with similar connotations; however, each means something slightly different. Pets Allowed refers to apartments where your pet is welcome while Pet-Friendly suggests properties provide special amenities specifically designed to accommodate animals.

Pet-friendly apartments may include carpeted floors to avoid claw marks from clawed and nailed paws and outdoor balconies for your pets to explore. Before renting any building that permits pets, be sure to ask about its specific pet policy; some buildings require deposits or only accept certain breeds of dogs as tenants.

Kwarteng notes that pet-friendly apartments may also include amenities for tenants to wash their pet’s bedding and clothing, or even offer dog parks, like laundry rooms in the basement or on-call pet services with dog walkers for residents. If your landlord seems restrictive in any way, arrange to meet your pet prior to moving in.