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Home Organization Hacks to Keep Your Space Clean and Streamlined

These home organization hacks from experts will keep your space streamlined and clutter-free! With many requiring only minimal time or money investment and making an immediate impactful difference!

Have you seen those enviable refrigerators on TikTok that make us all covetous? Use this simple DIY hack to maximize space and keep food fresher for longer.

Over-the-Door Hangers

Chances are, your home contains plenty of unused space that could be put to use for storage purposes. Start by emptying out drawers, cabinets and closets so you have an accurate picture of what resources are available to you.

Wall hooks and door organizers are an effective way of keeping clothes, hats, bags and other belongings off of the floor and away from children and animals while not taking up valuable floor space like coat racks can.

Drawers and cupboards can quickly become the ultimate dumping grounds, filled with cleaning supplies, snacks, and anything else in between – but you can make them more user-friendly by employing clever storage hacks. For instance, add a tier to a cabinet to keep canned foods upright, and use chalkboard paint on its door to manage your to-do list!

Desk Drawers

Desk drawers are essential in creating an efficient workstation as they store office supplies like pens, pencils and post-it notes. Unfortunately, people often overfill their drawers with these items and end up creating a disorganized workstation. One way to prevent this from occurring is implementing a “one in, one out” policy where broken or no longer functional items should be disposed off and their replacement placed back into your supply area.

Consider using divider products to organize your drawers. They help compartmentalize items for easier retrieval and are an excellent addition to both bathroom and kitchen drawers.

Folding Towels

Folding or rolling towels is an essential way to organize them in a linen closet or baskets, helping ensure they won’t unfold easily or become wrinkled. By taking the time and care necessary in folding, your linens won’t unfold quickly or become wrinkled over time.

To do this, place the towel with its tag side up onto a flat surface, folding one short end’s corner over two thirds of its lengthwise dimension.

Adjust one short edge until it aligns with the top of the folded section, then gradually roll your towel toward its other end until a neat bundle forms that won’t unravel – perfect for small spaces or hanging on a towel bar!

Tiered Shelves

Searching through an unorganized supply closet to collect paint, glitter and glue before any creative project can be enough to thwart creativity. To keep artistic essentials within reach and in plain view, wall-mount multitiered wooden storage shelves such as those from Skip to My Lou are an effective solution that could work in any craft room, playroom or home office setting. Need somewhere for your children to store all their barbies? Melissa from Polka Dot Chair offers this ingenious family locker hack solution!

Organized Living’s freedomRail Ventilated Tiered Shelf offers durable garage storage with improved visibility. Tiers make it simple to locate spray paint and motor oil cans while double bars at both ends provide added strength.

Tension Rods

An inexpensive shower tension rod can help organize a variety of household items. Easy to install, they typically leave no trace when taken apart and are widely available at most stores for purchase at reasonable costs.

Hanging a rod in an empty corner of your closet can serve as a useful divider, creating subsections ideal for holding various clothing items. A short curtain rod mounted in your bedroom could even act as an easy shoe rack that helps make finding shoes much simpler!

A rod hung inside your cabinet can make it easier to locate Tupperware containers and other kitchen storage lids, as well as store ribbons in your craft drawer.

Container Lids

Container lids make an effective way of organizing spices, pantry items and kitchen utensils! In your silverware drawer, use container lids to store and separate knives and forks separately in one drawer. Likewise, this hack works great in bathroom drawers where bins can hold various toiletries that make finding what you’re searching for easier.

The garage can be an enormously daunting space to organize, but there are some simple tricks that can help. A tension rod can be used to hang mowing equipment while baskets or bins can store items such as brooms or garden tools.