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Creative Storage Solutions For Small Bedrooms

Clutter can be an issue when it comes to small bedrooms, but with the proper tools and organization ideas, transforming an inefficient space into an enjoyable retreat is possible. Try one of these innovative storage solutions for small bedrooms to maximize every inch of available space!

Wicker baskets make stylish bedroom storage solutions, ideal for holding extra blankets, books and linens. Mount wall-mounted hooks to the basket to keep clothing or bags within easy reach.

1. Wall-Mounted Cubbies

When your bedroom doesn’t have closet space, wall-mounted cubbies are an effective solution to keeping essentials organized and accessible. DIY acrylic boxes made into wall cubbies add color and can store anything from books and out-of-season clothing, to jewelry in an accessible way that’s also easy to keep clean.

Depending on space available, a built-in shelving unit spanning the gap above your bed makes for a smart storage solution in small bedrooms. It can either be left open for display purposes or have doors added for items that should remain hidden from view. As seen here, built-in panels either side of the headboard serve as bookshelves that can store nighttime reading material while freeing up bedside table space for lamps and decor.

Over-the-door storage is another popular solution if your bedroom door opens out onto a hallway or shared space, such as a hallway. These inexpensive pocket organizers work great for keeping hats and scarves organized as well as stationery or craft supplies within an office environment.

2. Drawer Dividers

An organized drawer can make all the difference when it comes to your bedroom space, but keeping everything organized can be tricky when there are numerous items to store in it. Utilizing drawer dividers can help keep your belongings tidy – these Zimtown foldable drawer dividers work especially well when storing extra blankets and seasonal clothing items!

If you lack closet space, a free-standing coat rack is an effective way to store clothing and shoes as well as adding an accent piece to any room. Another smart idea would be using a bed with built-in storage like this iKNOW bed from IKEA that features drawers hidden beneath its mattress; or getting MOSSLANDA picture ledge PS5 at IKEA to serve as wall-mounted bedside table; this way you can display books and decor items on top!

3. Under-Bed Storage

Under-bed storage solutions with dividers or compartments may provide a good way to organize items that you won’t be using frequently, while you should consider the height and size of any containers you plan on buying; you want to be able to reach frequently-used items without crouching down for them.

For dusty situations, choose containers with lids or zippers that seal tight – such as wicker bins with both utility and style or clear plastic ones with handles to keep contents visible. For easy access, select designs with smooth-rolling casters or handles on either end of drawer for easy transport in and out of bed, smooth-rolling casters on wheels at each corner or natural canvas cases featuring cream zippers are great choices for this.

4. Pegboard

Even if you already have a closet, pegboard bedroom storage hacks can add a sleeker, more organized appearance. A wall-mounted coat rack with pegs makes an effective alternative to full-length hangers; keeping the space more uniform.

An additional innovative clothing storage idea is installing a pants rack in your closet. Not only will it save space by eliminating half of the need for hangers but it will also keep creases to a minimum!

Never waste wall and door space by not taking full advantage of what is available to you – the back of bedroom doors make an excellent place for storing items you don’t access often (such as extra bedding, towels or eyeglasses). Most Lovely Things have installed beautiful agate slices as hooks for jackets, scarves and bags while over-the-door organizers help keep everything from toiletries to tissues at arms reach.