Smart Home Features

Make Your Home Smart

Innovative Tech Gadgets for Smarter Homes

Innovative tech gadgets allow homeowners to automate their homes for increased convenience, energy efficiency and security – not to mention an increase in value and aesthetic improvements.

These smart home devices work with popular voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant for easy setup and remote management of all household devices from anywhere.

CYNC Smart Tottle Switch

With this GE switch, you’ll enjoy full-room lighting control! Pairing it with Full-Color Smart Bulbs gives you app and voice control of the lighting in any room in your house; additional C by GE bulbs as well as traditional lights such as C by GE bulbs work too, along with devices like Ring doorbells, August smart locks and Sonos speakers for complete home automation control. Furthermore, WiFi instead of Bluetooth communication ensures seamless control across devices and bulbs!

It may not look the part, but this smart switch by GE Cync is nonetheless highly reliable. Easy to setup and connect, you can control lights either using its app or through smart assistant. Plus it features a handy groove where your finger can slide to adjust brightness – perfect for most homes without neutral wire requirements!

Graywind Motorized Shades

Graywind Motorized Shades can help you add brightness to any room without changing its existing blinds by using beaded chains or endless loop cords for traditional blinds, connecting with smart home hubs through smart bridges or remote controls that work via Bluetooth, controlling up to 15 RF battery motors at the same time and saving preferred settings in one single 15-channel timing remote control.

These shades offer 100% blackout shading and heat insulation for your home, office or restaurant. Furthermore, they come equipped with light filtering dual layers for both daytime and nighttime light filtration.

These smart shades are simple to set up and use, yet one drawback may be their need to plug into an outlet – this may become cumbersome if there are no outlets nearby where you plan to mount them. Also, their 2-year warranty can be extended at additional costs.

Eve Energy Smart Plug

the Eve Energy Smart Plug provides an efficient solution to monitoring energy use by providing a sleek, compact outlet that doubles as a power meter. Compatible with HomeKit and Siri voice control, as well as Thread support allowing it to work alongside Matter, Elgato’s platform that promises to finally bridge Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit into one harmonious ecosystem.

The Eve Energy smart plug can be combined with other HomeKit devices like Philips Hue dimmers and motion sensors to adjust lighting based on activity in a room automatically. You can also incorporate it into automations and scenes. However, it should be noted that to connect with other smart devices it requires a HomeKit-compatible hub like Apple TV or HomePod Mini; otherwise it can only be controlled using its app.

Airthings View Plus

Airthings View Plus takes smart home monitoring a step further. Housed in a white oblong case, this smart device comes equipped with seven built-in monitoring sensors (plus more can be added via hub) that display results on either an interactive display screen or via its companion Airthings app.

Beginning is simple – plug it in, connect to your Wi-Fi network and download the free app. From there you will be guided through a seven-day calibration process which may cause irregular sensor readings until they settle down.

The Airthings View Plus monitors PM, CO2, humidity, temperature, VOCs and more with just the wave of your hand or through its app. It even detects radon and other harmful gases and connects to IFTTT applets to trigger other devices! Plus it works battery or plug powering and works over WiFi so you can access its data from any location – not to mention comes packaged in an eco-friendly cardboard package free from single use plastics!