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How to Incorporate Furniture, Plants and Color Into a Cohesive Home Design Scheme

If you’re looking for ways to bring color and furniture plants into your home, there are a few tips to help you do so. These tips include using the same materials throughout your home, adding accent colors, and predefining the look of your room.

Adding accent colors

Adding accent colors to furniture plants in a cohesive home design scheme can be a great way to refresh a color palette without having to paint. You don’t want to overwhelm your room, though. Instead, choose a bright tone that will stand out and make an impact. A blue accent wall can bring depth to a small room, while a darker color can be used to balance the light tones.

Choosing a color story is the first step to creating a cohesive home design scheme. In a single room, you can introduce a variety of different colors, but in the whole house, you’ll want to stick to three to five colors. Your primary and secondary colors should be 50% or less of your primary color, and your tertiary should be 25% or less.

The goal of a cohesive design is to create a serene sanctuary. This is achieved by mixing bold and sophisticated colors with textures and patterns.